Marshmello and Lil Peep's 'Spotlight' Makes For A Perfect Memorial To The Fallen Artist

It has been over a month now since up and coming emo rapper Lil Peep passed away from an overdose. Immediately following the artist's passing, his mother announced that his music would be released on various platforms. This was a small consolation for grieving fans. Marshmello was on the first artists to announce that his collaboration with Lil Peep would be released in the coming weeks. Today we have finally gotten a chance to listen to their single, ‘Spotlight'.

The track is a perfect combination styles. The overall theme is full angst, and meticulous emotion. It screams Lil Peep from front to back. Ultimately this track will serve an impressive memorial to an artist that left us far to soon. Marshmello made it clear that he spoke at length with Lil Peep's mother before dropping the track, making sure to receive her blessing. Now that it has graced our ears, a bitter sweet feeling arises as we realize that this is one the last times we will hear new music from Lil Peep. Check it out below.

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