Marshmello continues to celebrate Juice WRLD with new single ‘Bye Bye’: Listen

Marshmello has always been known for his willingness to shift between massive house pop anthems, his own unique dub influenced festival tracks and of course, his many hip hop influenced collaborations with Khalid, Logic and Megan Thee Stallion. One of his most endearing relationships has been with the music and talents of late rapper, Juice WRLD, who tragically passed away in December of 2019.

Marshmello would wind up being featured on two tracks from Juice WRLD‘s posthumous release, ‘Legends Never Die,’ but the release of new single ‘Bye Bye’ marks the first stand alone single for the two. Featuring a droning synth and racing lead, the track is built for the laid back yet emotional delivery of Juice WRLD’s vocals, making for an engaging listen and a stark reminder of the unique talent possessed by the late rapper. The chorus refrain of, “I don’t know why you say so much by saying nothing at all, so could you write what you mean by saying nothing at all,” is insatiable and quickly becomes embedded in the listeners head. The rest of the track is defined by the synth lead, driving it forward and providing a haunting energy to match the vocal delivery.

Of course, fans of Marshmello and Juice WRLD who have been paying attention over the years will recognize that ‘Bye Bye’ was first teased by the two artists way back in 2018, with a drastically different version of the single having leaked online. The original featured an extensive verse from the late rapper, showcasing his flow and detailing his journey’s with women, music and drug use. Even the music is a far cry from the current release, with a heavy focus on trap percussion, a booming bass and a much looser lead line to bring the track together.

While fans will no doubt debate which version is the best, it feels like a win for every one to have more content from the late rapper and Marshmello.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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