Marshmello Drops Emotional EDM Rap Track With Juicy J and James Arthur

Marshmello has never been scared working outside his comfort zone. While the many different productions styles the artist are a point criticism for some fans, many are excited about each new release and what it might hold. While Mello has been teasing an OG EP where he will return fully to his dance music roots, today we have got another crossover track from the man in white for you.

Marshmello, Juicy J, James Arthur – ‘You Can Cry'

Marshmello is no stranger to cross over tracks. Whether it be a blending pop or hip-hop with EDM, the masked crusader has done it all before. This week he has dropped a full on rap track with Juicy J and James Arthur. The tune is emotionally charged, and its name doesn't quite match up with what you hear on the first listen. The vocal verse does contain a punch unexpected emotion, which juxtaposes well to the trap beat. While Marshmello once again proves is adept hand at merging unlike styles, we have to be honest – we really cannot wait for that OG EP.

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