Marshmello Drops The Second Single Off Of His OG EDM Album – 'Check This Out'

Last week Marshmello dropped his first single f his forthcoming LP. I reviewed the track with a critical eye and explained I thought it lacked some level creativity. I saw on social media, most people thought I was very wrong. Today I have the pleasure bringing you the 2nd single f Joytime II – ‘Check This Out'.

This time Marshmello didn't hold anything back and took some chances. While he, course, stay rooted in his signature upbeat trap arrangements Marshmello definitely worked a bit outside his comfort zone on ‘Check This Out'.

Marshmello – ‘Check This Out'

The tune is dynamic. While the initial drop is full on classic Marshmello, the song changes quickly and ten. About midway through the tempo changes up as Marshmello brings in a driving beat overlaid with heavy distortion.

This tune will no doubt have Marshmello fans losing their minds. Not only has Marshmello comes back to EDM to produce an “OG Album”, it appears he has leeched some influences from his time experimenting to help create a new, unexpected sound.

Take a listen to ‘Check This Out' below.

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