Marshmello Releases New Single With Anne-Marie: 'Friends'

Marshmello has stayed focus as 2018 has begun. Already releasing a few original tracks and even a collaboration here and there, it is clear that Marshmello has his eyes set on a prize making 2018 even bigger than his historic 2018. So far he is f to a great start.

As Marshmello is finding himself more in demand than ever before he has dropped a new track with Anne-Marie, and it is no doubt going to be one those tracks you cannot escape. This tune represents Marshmello through and through and is exactly what his fans absolutely crave. If will be interesting to see as 2018 unfolds if Marshmello will stay good to his promise continuing to release tracks routed in EDM rather than those with pop vibes. Check out the tune below and let us know what you think!

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