Marshmello Returns To His Signature Style Of EDM With Electrifying New Release 'Fly'

Marshmello caught a decent amount heat in 2017 for straying away from the sound which helped him get where he is for a more pop influenced sound with high prile collaborators. Recently though Marshmello promised fans that he would be returning to dance music with releases that are firmly rooted in EDM. He makes good on that promise with his latest release. To say that it is good is an understatement as this is the kind song that die hard mellogang members have been waiting one a year to hear.

‘Fly' is pure Marshmello trap bliss. Distorted bass lines, perfectly timed samples and an infectious beat are just some the pieces that make ‘Fly' so damn good. The slowed down, euphoric beat the tune will pull you in immediately and get stuck in your head for days to come. We are so excited to have the Marshmello we came to know and love back in action. Check out the tune below.

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