Martin Garrix Helps Grieving Parents By Granting Their Son's Wish Of Him Hearing His Music

Owen Norton is an up and coming producer who is quickly coming into his own. He has received support from Martin Garrix on past productions and looks to continue this momentum into the new year. Owen demonstrated today that the electronic music community is so tightly bonded for reasons more than just music.

He read a post on Facebook by Jonas Nesse's parents grieving their son who had recently passed away. In the post they spoke about Jonas' love for Martin Garrix and how he always wanted him to hear his music. Owen used some his personal connections to help the dream their fallen son come true.

Martin did hear Jonas' music and responded to Owen's email with a message for his parents. All in all it is a tragic story, but shows why the community we have here in dance music can be so beautiful. It is also worth noting that Martin never posted about this publicly – not once using it as a platform for publicity. Demonstrating once again he is a class act. Listen to Jonas' track below and let's spread this around like wild fire to help Jonas' really achieve one his final wishes.

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