Martin Garrix Releases Long Awaited, New Single As AREA21: 'Happy'

Martin Garrix has been having just about more fun than anyone else when it comes to production. The superstar really made 2017 a year experimentation. While under his given name, Martin played more around with future bass and had massive success with the ultra-popular, new and accessible sound. As AREA21 he was able to release tracks that had a more rap, hip-hop vibe that also played on the more chilled out, side things. Finally last year at Tomorrowland he debuted a new performance alias Ytram. That moniker focuses on deep house and tech level cuts. Martin Garrix is getting up there with Eric Prydz when it comes to aliases!

Today though we focus on AREA21 and a long-awaited single from the duo: ‘Happy'. The track is outstanding as expected. Martin and Maejor hit this one square on the head in terms production. We cannot say that we are surprised because AREA21 so far has been massively successful, and with a release like this – the future is bright for the side project in 2018.

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