Martin Garrix Releases Thoughtful New Vocal Anthem With Bonn – 'High On Life'

Martin Garrix has bee surprisingly quiet the last few months for an artist who regularly pumps out new tunes like I go on runs (about once every three weeks if we're being honest). That being said Marty hasn't exactly been taking it easy. He has been over in Boom, Belgium playing multiple sets at Tomorrowland as both himself and under his YTRAM moniker. Somehow even with the insanity the festival, Garrix has just dropped an anthemic new tune featuring angelic vocals from Bonn.

Martin Garrix – ‘High On Life' (ft. Bonn)

‘High On Life' is a gorgeous piano-based ballad that has a thoughtfulness about it rarely found in productions today. Bonn adds a true depth to this track, the vocals are silky smooth and integrated perfectly. I will be honest – I was a bit worried that this track would end in a future bass break down, but luckily Garrix did what he arguably does best – euphoric progressive house.

Check out the track below.

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