Martin Garrix Rips Apart Fake Artists Uploading His Unreleased Music To Spotify Accounts

Spotify is by far the largest digital streaming service available in music today. The platform has helped artists take their releases from the non-monetized Soundcloud platform and allowed them to begin to prit (albeit, very minimally) from streams their music. That being said, the streaming service does still have some issues they need to work out. Martin Garrix has been the victim one these faults time and time again. Now he has truly had enough.

Martin Garrix Goes After Fake Artists

Martin Garrix has a wealth unreleased material. He is constantly playing out IDs in his sets. Not only is this exciting for the crowd, but it also helps Garrix gauge the track by the crowd's reaction. Since many sets are recorded these days, anyone is able to rip the unreleased tunes and upload them to Spotify under their personal prile as copyright stware will not detect them.

Unfortunately, this has happened many times to Marty, and today he has ficially had enough. He dropped a statement on his Instagram story saying he was exhausted by fake producers taking credit for his hard work. So if you are one those people who partake in theft – stop. We all want to continue hearing unreleased Martin Garrix during his sets. Check out his statement below.

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