Martin Garrix set to release new AREA21 track with Maejor this Friday

Martin Garrix is continuing the rollout of the new AREA21 era with Maejor this Friday, as the duo get set to release brand-new track ‘POGO’ on 21 May.

AREA21 crash landed back onto earth on April 9 with the release of new track ‘La La La’ which was their first new music in quite a while, with the duo continuing to work on their solo projects in the meantime. Luckily for fans, the new musical era is well underway and it seems as though they have been working on some huge things. Some of those things includes a debut album from the project, which up until now has just released a string of singles. Excitingly they had announced that their debut album would be out this fall, which was stated in a press release which had also stated that more songs were due to be rolled out this spring and summer. Interestingly enough, Martin Garrix had also stated to fans on Instagram that there would be no collaborations on the album either and it would be 12 tracks long.

This news also follows the announcement of the duo signing to Disney Music Group‘s Hollywood Records back in April. This means that we’re about to hear a lot more from them this year as 2021 seems to be the year that AREA21 will dominate earth. As we gear up to hear ‘POGO’, which along with the track will also come another animated music video created by animation studio Titmouse, you can listen to previous single ‘La La La’ down below.

Image credit: Martin Garrix (via Facebook)

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