Mary J. Blige Denies Fighting Faith Evans At Diddy's NYFW Party

Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans were caught in rumors that lit up social media over the past few days. The singers were said to have been part of a brawl at Diddy's NYFW party. Both camps are denying it ever happened.

When Mary J. was asked about the matter, she essentially said that she was busy on the night the alleged fight happened. Her alibi is solid. The diva was exploring her acting chops in a different state.

A source close to Faith Evans also commented on the issue. Apparently, even the Diddy party was a fabrication.

Although both are on the same page in terms of what did not actually happen, neither of them have insisted upon whether there is, in fact, bad blood between both artists. Perhaps it's a given. Faith is living her best life with her newfound love and collaborator Stevie J. Mary J Blige is busy running around the country, shooting movies and earning accolades from her film industry peers. They are both winning.

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