Master P Ordered To Pay $55K For Calabasas Home He Rented For Ex-Wife

It's no secret that Master P and his ex-wife Sonya Miller have had a rocky relationship during and after their marriage. Two months after she filed for divorce back in 2013, P rented her a home in Calabasas with a two-year lease. Owners Peter and Alicia Hercz stated that the lease could not, under any circumstances, be extended, but when it came time for Sonya to move out, she wouldn't leave.

In documents obtained by The Blast, Sonya didn't move out until March of 2016—and that only occurred because they had her formally evicted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The couple reportedly had to file an unlawful detainer lawsuit against Sonya and cited that they had to find somewhere else to live during the additional period when she wouldn't vacate the premises. 

The Herczes also claimed that when they inspected their home there were items missing including a wall unit, a dining room table with chairs, the washer and dryer, and a flatscreen television. They stated there were "significant cleaning efforts, repairs and renovations," and the couple sent Master P a letter, through their lawyers, to make him aware of what was going on. It's alleged that Sonya told the Herczes that she didn't move out at the allotted time because she "did not have enough money to find another place to move because [P] did not pay her any support payments as ordered by the court."

The Herczes were reportedly told by P's lawyer that he didn't believe he was responsible for the missing items or damages, but a court thought otherwise. On Monday, a default judgment was levied against both Master P and Sonya for over $55K.

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