Master P Says He’d Receive More Respect As An Entrepreneur If He Were White

Master P's been in the game for 30 years at this point, not only dabbling in music but extending his talents to film, television, and even professional sports. As the founder of No Limit Records, he established himself as a businessman, and later on, became known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in hip-hop. However, according to PageSix, he does believe that if he was white, he may have encountered more success in his life.

Master P Says He'd Receive More Respect As An Entrepreneur If He Were White
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Master P has a net worth of $200M but he might not necessarily fit a profile of someone whose net worth is that large. He explained to the tabloid publication that maybe if he were a white man, he might get more respect as an entrepreneur. “If I was white, I think people would respect me more," he said. People are not afraid to give those other cultures a percentage.”

His comments came after explaining that new artists are eager to sign a deal but never actually do the math behind it to see if the deal is worth it. “We have to look at each other for expertise,” he said. “But instead we just sign on the dotted line when a man you never met in a suit appears.”

As we've previously seen with P's relationship with Kodak Black, he's willing to advise young artists but it does come with a price. “When you come ask me for some help . . . I will say, ‘If I get this deal closed for you, I want 10%,’ and then you say, ‘No.’ But if [it’s just a guy in a suit] . . . they sign right off," he said.

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