Matisse & Sadko team up with Mougleta for ‘Relight My Love’: Listen

Known for being masters of uplifting progressive sounds, Matisse & Sadko have returned to the release radar, this time with singer Mougleta for the anthemic gem ‘Relight my Love,’ released via Tomorrowland imprint Tomorrowland Music.

Russian brothers Matisse & Sadko are a duo that have dominated airwaves and festival mainstages with their tracks for years upon years now. Never missing on quality and upbeat productions, the duo have worked with the likes of Martin Garrix multiple times, Tiësto, Steve Angello and many, many more and now they team up with Mougleta on this latest endeavour. Fusing pop with traditional oriental sounds, Mougleta’s striking signature sound along with her incredible talents is what has lead her to becoming one of the most unique singers around. Now, all of these talents join forces on ‘Relight My Love.’

“‘Relight My Love’ turned out to be very kind and light. It contains both lightness and joy, as well as the hope that tomorrow will definitely be better than today. Many thanks to Mougleta for her magnificent vocals and beautiful lyrics. We hope you all enjoy this song!’ – say Matisse & Sadko of the release

Dreamy vocals match seamlessly with euphoric synths in ‘Relight My Love.’ Meticulously crafting a track that tells a real story whilst also being yet another danceable anthem, the end to this year’s festival season may be creeping in, but it won’t stop this track from dominating the clubs on a steady rise, ready for 2022’s festival season to whip all the mainstage crowds into a frenzy. Blissful and hopeful, the track adds the perfect hint of emotion whilst telling a story, pulling at the heart strings but still leaving enough room for listeners to dance their hearts out to.

‘Relight My Love’ is a song about being in love but not feeling in love. It’s when you know that you love this person, but have lost sight of what made you fall in love in the first place and are desperately looking to find that spark once more!’ – tells Mougleta

Out now via one of the most in-demand labels around currently, Tomorrowland Music, enjoy this brilliant new release below or here.

Image credit: Matisse & Sadko (via Facebook

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