mau5trap release ‘We Are Friends, Vol.10’ featuring new music from deadmau5, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner & more

Today, mau5trap, the label fronted by deadmau5, is treating us to another anticipated volume of the ‘We Are Friends’ series, which rounds up some new and exciting music coming out from the staple artists of the well-loved imprint.

‘We Are Friends, Vol.10’  encourages fans to enter the city of WAFX, where they will be greeted with artists that have been imperative to the label’s history and success over the years. Where past ‘We Are Friends’ volumes have focused on up-and-coming talents, with Volume 10 you will find mau5trap veterans such as ATTLASBlackGummy, No Mana, Rinzen and Tommy Trash among a list of others spanning 18 tracks. Each offer new tracks for fans to dive into, headed by no other than deadmau5 himself.

Offering ‘Arguru 2K19’, deadmau5 takes the classic track ‘Arguru’ from 2008 album ‘Random Album Title’, his third studio album. ‘Arguru 2K19’ is like stepping back in the past, looking back on tracks nearer to the start of deadmau5’s career, but with a modern twist. Pouring in all his experience, that he has gained over the years, into giving ‘Arguru’ a facelift, it is a perfect balance for those that prefer the producer’s older style and those that love the newer sound. The fresh take on the classic beloved track sets the tone for what listeners can expect over the next 17 tracks.

‘We Are Friends’ has been going ever since 2012, with past up-and-coming artists featured on the compilations graduating to becoming some of the most well-known artists on the label such as REZZ, No Mana, ATTLAS and the late i_o. To celebrate the 10th compilation even further, a limited-edition WAFX collection featuring a poster, tee and long sleeve shirt has been added to the shop, and you can grab it here.

Listen to ‘We Are Friends, Vol.10’ down below, or stream it on other platforms here.

Image Credit: Wolfgang Gartner (via Facebook), Tommy Trash (via, Deadmau5 (via

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