Maye Releases The Indie Dance Single 'Try Again'

Popular Norwegian producer, and Filipino native MAYE has been a key player for the launch many artists’s careers and has collaborated with ODA, Simon Field, Turab, Henry Land, Jesper Borgen, Martin Tungevaag and Izabell to name a few. Now MAYE has decided to release his own single titled “Try Again.”

From producing hip-hop to Rock albums, MAYE has many tricks up his sleeves to showcase his versatility, with over 20 million Spotify streams throughout his catalog, now the producer has returned with the brand new indie dance single “Try Again.”

In 2016, MAYE released the track ‘’Fade’’ with Norwegian counter part Simon Field Miami based label Tipsy Records. MAYE is now back with ‘’Try Again’’ featuring vocals from the magnetic Maya Vik, layered over a sexy nu-disco inspired anthem.

“The song is about a relationship at the crossroads. Whether it will make sense to go separate ways or try again.”

Stream “Try Again” by MAYE below:

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