MDLBEAST Announces Programming for Inaugural XP Music Conference In Saudi Arabia

Following the announcement of their first-ever music conference, XP, MDLBEAST has unveiled the full slate of programming.

XP will feature a number of speakers from around the music industry, all of whom offer varying fields of expertise. The seminars, roundtables, and workshops are set to be as diverse as it comes, and speakers will explore how we can empower future generations of artists, how NFTs and the blockchain are changing the industry, and much more. 

XP will address four main pillars during the conference: talent, scene, policy, and impact. In short, the talent section will address original content as well as how education and technology play a role in a successful music career. The scene pillar will primarily focus on nightlife and tourism, while the policy pillar will involve discussions on advocacy, data, and analytics. Finally, the impact pillar will facilitate discourse on wellbeing, equality, social equity, and sustainability. 

MDLBEAST XP Conference

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MDLBEAST Announces Programming for Inaugural XP Music Conference In Saudi Arabia

The conference is set to take place December 13th through 15th.

“The XP conference will help accelerate the growth of the music industry across the Middle East," said Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST. "We’re bringing together the most forward-thinking people from the world of music who will offer their insights and expertise to provoke conversation and incite positive action to grow our music industry.”

XP is set to take place three days before MDLBEAST's upcoming music festival, SOUNDSTORM, from December 13th through 15th. Grab your tickets for the summit here

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