Medasin's New Mixtape Is Literally Just 16 Unreleased Originals & It's ?

Yesterday, Medasin surprised fans with a 30 minute mix completely unreleased music live streamed exclusively Your EDM. Not long after, the mix made its way to Medasin’s SoundCloud where fans could skip thru and pick out their favorites.

The mixtape immediately sets itself apart from Medasin’s past music with its st and vibey atmosphere, never really delving too deep into heavy bass territory except at a few key points. Instead, Medasin lets the flow the mix envelope the listener and take them on a journey.

Reception to the mix has been overwhelmingly positive, even in spite the change in style. Check out IRENE below, and be sure to catch Medasin on tour.


1. intro
2. conspiracy theory
3. melody X
4. JOBA – sad saturdays (medasin remix)
5. melody X (house edit)
6. crack rock
7. hollowed
8. medasin & sakuraburst – ID
9. microdose
10. post malone – i fall apart (medasin remix instrumental)
11. zora’s domain
12. black
13. smallroomjam
14. beach trip
15. home
16. outro

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