Meek Mill Denied From Cosmopolitan Due To Capacity Not Racism, Hotel Claims

The Cosmopolitan Hotel might need to get their story straight before actually issuing any formal statements. This past weekend, Meek was denied entry to the hotel after they threatened to call the police on him for trespassing. They later said that the reason he was denied entry was because of a previous altercation the rapper had on the grounds with a security guard -- a claim that was later tested when Meek's lawyer asked them to present said altercation. In the hotel's latest statement, they insist they didn't deny Meek based on the color of his skin but because they were at capacity, apparently.

The Cosmopolitan's latest statement doesn't align with anything that they've said previously regarding the incident with Meek this weekend. A rep for the hotel told TMZ that they have a "zero tolerance for discrimination," insisting Meek wasn't denied based on any racial bias. Meek was supposed to hit the Marquee Dayclub at the hotel where Mustard was performing.

"Marquee Dayclub had reached capacity per Las Vegas Fire Marshall code. Earlier that day, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police had been called onsite to manage a larger than usual venue crowd," they said. "Accordingly, when Marquee Dayclub was contacted in advance of Meek Mill's arrival, security staff clarified that he would not be granted access because of capacity issues, in accordance with both club and resort policy. Upon his arrival, it was reiterated to Meek Mill and his team for a second time that access to the venue was not permitted."

Addressing the rapper's treatment, they said, "Meek Mill refused to depart property and was then informed that any continued attempt would result in trespassing."

Meek Mill Denied From Cosmopolitan Due To Capacity Not Racism, Hotel Claims
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images 

Interestingly enough, the security guard was heard talking to Meek and his team, referring to the alleged altercation that ensued in the hotel lobby. After Meek and his team asked about the incident, the hotel never gave him a straight answer. What's even more interesting is that there was still a line-up in front of the club even though the club was at capacity but it appears only Meek Mill got special treatment from the security. 

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