Meek Mill Is Back In The Studio

We all knew it was coming, but today we've finally received confirmation that Meek Mill has started working on new music. 

Since his release from prison last month, Meek has certainly been keeping busy: attending basketball games, copping some ice, and even making a surprise appearance at last weekend's Rolling Loud festival in Miami. However, rap fans are really quite selfish at heart, and what we really wanted to see was some new music.

On Instagram today, Meek posted a simple photo, with just a piece studio equipment in the shot. He didn't even caption the picture with any words, just an emotion, "?." Whether that face is in relation to him being overwhelmed by being back in the studio, or a reaction to the absolute fire he's about to drop.

When rappers are usually freed from prison, they tentimes head right back into the studio and drop a "First Day Out" style track, but Meek has been content to take his time before getting back in the booth. It hasn't been wasted time either as, since his release, Meek Mill has been pursuing two passions: rapping, obviously, but also being an advocate for reform in the criminal justice system, in order to help others who are in the same position as he is, but don't have the kind resources and support he had. 

As such, it's possible we may be getting a much more political bent to Meek's music in the future. Hopefully his fans get to hear something very soon.

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