Meek Mill Reportedly Denied New Judge & Trial In Criminal Case

This year has been a memorable one for Meek Mill. While he has not released any new music his own, he was still extremely relevant in the hip-hop realm as activists, rappers and athletes spoke up in an effort to free Meek from prison. After spending months in a cell, the Philly native was finally allowed to walk free, hitting up a 76ers game the same night he was released. Appearing at Rolling Loud in Miami to a huge crowd ovation, Meek's presence in the industry has surpassed any hype he had experienced in his career. As he still fights to be granted a new trial, Judge Genece Brinkley remains a thorn in Meek's side as his request has been denied for a new judge in his case.

According to TMZ, Meek was given the bad news that Brinkley will be staying on his criminal case earlier this week after a separate state court judge was consulted on the matter. Brinkley has given Meek a lot trouble throughout the length his trial with many believing she has been biased towards the rapper. The "Dreams and Nightmares" artist had his bid denied today after the state judge said that he could not overrule somebody with the same standing as him, noting, "I wear the same robe as she does."

The news comes after Meek's legal team presented a different argument than they had in the past, citing a head injury that Brinkley had suffered in 2016. The judge had allegedly claimed she had "severe head trauma," noting it was so bad that she had declared for disability. With Brinkley staying on the trial, it will be interesting to see how things roll out in Meek's criminal case.

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