Meek Mill To Guest On Inaugural Episode Of Angie Martinez's Show "One Of One"

Meek Mill is somewhat a hot commodity right now. Everybody wants the chance to speak with him about his experience in prison as he has become the go-to guy to speak about injustice in the criminal justice system. Yesterday, the full episode Dateline aired featuring Meek's conversation with Lester Holt where the rapper pledged to fight for criminal justice reform. The full 40-minute episode is titled Dreams and Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story and it was not the last we will hear from the Philadelphia rapper.

Streaming service TIDAL announced today that they will be hosting a new series premiering tomorrow. Angie Martinez will be a mainstay on the new show One One, and her first guest will be none other than Meek Mill. Just a few years ago, Meek was countlessly clowned for taking numerous L's at the hands Drake and now, he is one the most celebrated rappers in the world. After his prison release in April, Meek was fered new life as the majority the public was glad to see him walk free. 

TIDAL issued a statement on the upcoming episode, saying, "Following a decade long battle with the broken justice system, Mill’s recent release underscores his long history success through adversary circumstances. "One One will give Mill the platform to tell his story, share the experiences that have gotten him here today, and discuss how recent experiences will affect new music and social activism." The interview will be live-streamed on TIDAL tomorrow at 12 PM EST.

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