Meek Mill Updates The Status On A Fan's "Free Meek" Jersey

While he was incarcerated, Meek Mill’s hometown Philadelphia pulled out all the stops to voice their support their native son. One those modes support arrived in the form Philadelphia Eagles jerseys that read “Free Meek” on the back, a uniform choice during the NFL post season that eventually led to an Eagles championship scored by Meek’s “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro).”

Now that the rapper is outside a prison cell and settling back into society, it seems that it may be time to hang up those jerseys for obvious reasons, unless course, it’s for the culture and all that. Nonetheless, Meek took the first step in reversing that statement when he was approached by a fan requesting his autograph.

It was Zack Rothenberg who spotted Meek’s SUV Saturday night following the Sixers matchup against Boston. Rothenberg approached the car in hopes to get his own “Free Meek” jersey signed by the emcee. Meek was happy to fulfill the request and decided to add a special message that read, "Meek Free!"

According to TMZ, Meek even took a picture the meaningful words on the jersey to keep a memento for himself but has yet to upload the snapshot anywhere.

Meek Mill Updates The Status On A Fan's "Free Meek" Jersey


In related news, Meek will be playing a role in making sure that statement becomes the truth for more inmates to come as he most recently inked a deal with Roc Nation to work on a documentary about the legal system.

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