Meek Mill's Judge's Lawyer Sues Roc Nation & Amazon Over Leaked Audio: Report

Meek Mill is still fighting for his freedom, despite being released from prison. The rapper's attempt for a new trial and judge has been shot down numerous times. Earlier this year, Judge Genece Brinkley's attorney, Charles Peruto, was heard siding with Meek Mill in leaked audio. Now, Peruto is taking legal action against Amazon and Roc Nation over the audio clip.

According to TMZ, Charles Peruto claims he was sabotaged during an interview about Meek Mill's sentence. He's now filed legal documents in order to file a lawsuit against both Roc Nation and Amazon for the leaked audio clip. Peruto was interviewed for a documentary on Meek Mill's legal situation when a reporter asked him if they could go off the record. However, the cameraman didn't actually turn the camera off and the audio was recorded. 

In the clip that was leaked, you could hear Peruto side with Meek Mill over Judge Genece Brinkley in the trial. He's heard saying that the judge looked "fucking awful" and should've granted Meek a new trial. 

The lawsuit isn't necessarily about what was said in the comment but how the leaked audio came across. He's suing based on the fact that the audio was edited down to make him look bad. He said that Judge Genece Brinkley followed the letter of the law, but that was not heard in the clip that surfaced. 

Peruto is suing Roc Nation and Amazon because the cameraman was hired by the companies for the documentary. However, it's still unclear who leaked the audio.

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