Meek Mill’s Legal Battle With The Cosmopolitan Hotel Heats Up

Over the weekend, Meek Millfound himself faced with another bout of adversity, this time stemming from the gatekeepers of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Upon attempting to enter, Meek was met with a blanket ban for "unknown reasons," which led to Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina revealing the hotel's history with banning rappers, with most-if-not-all being black. As such, Meek called for a subsequent "cultural ban" of the hotel, while Tacopina promised legal retribution should an apology go unissued. Now, TMZ has provided an update on the brewing situation, which finds Cosmopolitan standing up in defiance, blaming Meek for his own alleged behavior. 

Meek Mill's Legal Battle With The Cosmopolitan Hotel Heats Up

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Apparently, they had placed the ban on Meek due to a previous incident with security, accusing him of having "fought with security guards." They claim said fight is the reason he was banned and threatened with arrest, though Tacopina remains staunch in Meek's defense. The lawyer doubled down on Cosmopolitan's "banned rapper" list, explaining: "We have learned that the Cosmopolitan maintains a list of African American recording artists who should be denied access for no other reason than their culture and skin color."

As the plot thickens, neither side appears willing to budge. There's no telling how this will play out, but we can only hope that Meek Mill can persevere; it would be a shame to see him back in a courtroom. Let's see how this unfolds.

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