Megan Thee Stallion Chops It Up With Fedora-Clad Joe Budden

Joe Budden is, quite literally in this case, a man who wears many hats: rapper, podcast host, hat connoisseur - the list goes on. He also happens to be a gentleman of distinguished tastes, having developed a keen interest in the music career of one Megan Thee Stallion. Today, he sat down with the rapper for an extensive conversation on Feverher rapid ascent, perception, beef, Trey Songz, and much more. Who says Joe Budden isn't here for the newcomers? Off the bat, Megan presents a common ground on which Joe can stand - respecting one's craft, and putting in the proper time to master it, the ten-thousand hours, as it were.

Megan Thee Stallion Chops It Up With Fedora-Clad Joe Budden

Bob Levey/Getty Images 

"I've been working on my craft for a long time," she says. "Just to see everybody being so receptive of it and liking it so's crazy." Eventually, Budden reveals that he's been singing her praises throughout his inner circle, claiming that Megan has "surpassed a few of these bitches." Though he opts to keep some of said ladies nameless, Budden acknowledges that Megan carries herself like a dominant force, one who keeps her "foot on bitches necks." "I think anybody has a problem with me," reflects Megan. "If you want me to know that you have a problem with me, you gotta [say my name]." 

Budden takes a moment to bring up his previous Drake beef, citing Megan's prerequisite of a called out name. "I'ma say to you like I said to him," says Joe. "In the event that you sell the records that me and your label think you'll sell, they coming." Megan challenges all comers to take it to the booth, prompting a gleeful cackle from Joe, a true child in a candy and/or hat store. Peep the full episode below. 

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