Megan Thee Stallion Reflects On Her First Cypher, Juicy J, & More

Megan Thee Stallion is on the rise. Case in point, she recently held it down for a sold-out show in Houston, an experience that left her reeling. Now, the Fever rapper is set to be the subject of Apple Music's "Up Next," a short film detailing some of her perspectives on the come up. As she explains in the brief teaser clip, "girls have to go ten times harder than guys. We are still expected to give you the bars, give you the looks, give you the routine." With the exclusive short and accompanying music set to arrive on June 25th, Megan took a moment to talk shop with Nadeska Alexis. 

"My mom was a rapper, and she really shaped me as a woman," explains Megan. "The music she let me listen to as a child really pushed me in the direction I'm going in right now. My experiences in Houston definitely play a big role in my writing." She also details some of her experiences balancing a full-time rap career with her academic pursuits; in case you don't know, Thee Stallion is well-studied, currently pursuing a degree in Health Administration. "I do want to get my degree, and I do want to make my family proud," she reveals. 

She also opens up about how she first gathered the courage to rap in public, citing "this boy" as the primary motivator. "He was so fine," she laughs. "This girl that was trying to link up with me, she knew that I thought he was cute. She was like 'come to this kickback.' He was there, there's some more lil guys there, whatever, they all start freestyling and rapping. So I'm like, damn, Im'a jump in.  We'd been drinking a little bit, I got my nuts up." After being met with some playful skepticism, she committed to going in. "I didn't know how it would turn out, I just know I ain't finna look weak. So I start rapping, and that was my boyfriend a couple weeks later."

Peep the full interview below, and look for more from Megan Thee Stallion coming soon.

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