Mental Health Awareness Month: Past Articles And Resources Devoted To Ending The Stigma

May is mental health awareness month. It is a time to help end the stigma around an issue that is deeply intertwined with electronic music as a whole. Here at EDM Sauce we believe with our whole heart that the stigma and misunderstanding around mental health issues has to come to an end. In honor the month devoted to raising awareness we are taking a look back at articles devoted to deepening the understanding mental health disorders and starting conversations.

Diary Of An Addict

In this article I talk very candidly about my struggle with drug addiction, substance abuse and the road into recovery. Drug addiction is one the greatest issues facing our country and the world today. There are not many mental health issues that have a stigma quite like addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism or drug addiction you can seek help with some the resources below.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

National Institute Drug Abuse

American Society Addiction Medicine

Diary Of An Addict Part 2: Ending Mental Health Stigma

In this article I expand on a relapse in my recovery and current writers, past writers, and readers share their experience with mental health disorders. Stigma around what many refer to as ‘invisible' illnesses is difficult to break. We applaud those willing to share their stories and how the EDM community helped them gain understanding and support for their personal battles.

Mental Health America Support

National Institute Mental Health

Stress and It's Effects On Artists

In this op-ed I explored how stress played a role in the untimely passing Linkin Park lead vocalist Chester Bennington. It explores that sometimes the unrealistic standards we hold our idols too can wear them down overtime. Mental Health is deeply connected with attempting and completing suicide. Sometimes we need to take a step back and remember the people we love as artists, are just humans as well. Below you can find resources for depression and if you or a loved one is contemplating suicide or displaying warning signs.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Suicide Awareness Voices Education (SAVE)

Pervasiveness Drug Culture In The Music Industry

I wrote this article shortly after the passing up and coming emo rapper Lil Peep. Lil Peep accidentally overdosed on Fentanyl that was pressed to appear as a Xanax. His death shook the music industry to core, and in turn made many look inward to realize the drug culture that was being glorified in many ways.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

National Institute Drug Abuse

American Society Addiction Medicine

We ask that you spread the word about Mental Health Awareness Month as much as possible, we also invite you to share your stories mental health issues and how you have survived them. No problems can be solved in the darkness, they have to be illuminated by those with first hand experience. While I may be terrible at Facebook messenger some days, I invite anyone to shoot a message my way if you need to talk in any capacity.

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