Mez Bodies Q-Tip’s "Vivrant Thing" Instrumental On LA Leakers

Lyricist, songwriter, and director of J. Cole's "Middle Child" visuals, the multi-talented Mez has come through to bless the building once more. With his own upcoming album in the works, Mez decided to hit up the LA Leakers studio to issue a reminder of his work behind mic. Should you have forgotten, take a moment to revisit his recent clip for "MF+G," and return upon completion. In his recent freestyle, Mez queues up Q-Tip's iconic "Vivrant Thing" instrumental, issuing a forewarning that "n***as in trouble, I swear to God!"

"Lawyer said we got a new deal, I got a confessional," he spits, riding the beat in a focused fashion. "Gotta get the numbers high, medicinal decimals/ edibles for the digits own a check or two / make a deposit and buy a gun for my set or two, to keep in the crib / I don't put jewelry on a pedestal, all of them karats can put you right there with the vegetables." And that's only the onset of the scheme. Mez continues forward, proving he's one of the nicest rhymers out now. "Family and n***as I love, I'll be at a neck or two / over my nephew, they won't find the rest of you."

Be sure to check this one out ("Lupita from Us" line is rewind-worthy), especially if you're seeking straight lyricism from a rising talent in the game. Look for Mez to appear on the upcoming Dreamers 3 project, at least in some capacity. What did you think of this one? 

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