Miami Nightclub Shutdown After Bringing Panicked Live Horse Into Venue [VIDEO]

In today's world weird news we have for you a story from Miami involving a horse. Specifically Mokai Lounge decided it was a good idea to bring a live horse into it's packed club, because what could go wrong? Luckily nobody, including the horse was harmed in the incident but it still caught the attention the Miami Police.

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course

A video immediately went viral when the horse did exactly what one would expect a horse to do in a loud and packed nightclub. It freaked out and tried to escape. In a joint investigation with Miami Beach Code Enforcement the Miami Police reviewed the information that was popping up all over social media yesterday. It only took the investigation a few hours to determine the severity the incident and the club had it's license revoked.

The video seems to have been taken down from most sources where it appeared. Still a litany news organizations were able to get their hands on the shocking footage before it was purged from the web. The best news in all this? A vet has checked out the horse and said it was 100% okay, and it's nightclub career is entirely over. The owner the club could face criminal charges. Check out the video below.

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