Michael C. Hall Discusses His Upcoming Netflix Drama Series "Safe"

Michael C. Hall is best known for starring in the hit HBO series Six Feet Under, as well as his leading role in the Showtime's Dexter, proving his affinity for complex characters and narratives. Continuing his involvement in televisual programming, the actor is taking to Netflix this time around for a new drama titled Safe. 

The series follows Tom, who alongside his two daughters, are grieving the loss his wife cancer. However, when his eldest daughter goes missing, Tom begins to uncover the covert lives the individuals constituting his inner circle confidants. 

Speaking about Safe, Hall admits that "reading the first episode, there were three moments when my mouth dropped." The actor goes on to reveal how the plot will be jam-packed with engrossing events. "Every time I finished an episode, I was surprised by how much happened."

While many binge-worthy series routinely flood Netflix and other streaming services, what separates Safe from its competitors is its gated-community setting, which is anything but secure. Hall believes that "what's interesting about this show is that danger that emerges, emerges from within this enclave." 

Furthermore, what will resonate with audiences most, according to Hall, is the "theme safety and trying to cultivate it, and the illusion having it."

Peep the trailer below: 

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