Michael Jackson’s Nephew Seeks $777K To Create Docuseries Defending Singer

The Jackson family's been extremely vocal about their frustrations with Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland. Michael Jackson's nephew Taj was one of the first members of the Jackson to come forward and slam the allegations made against the iconic singer. He made it clear that he feels that Wade Robson lied and solely dod the documentary for monetary gain. However, he's now raising funds to produce a documentary about the late singer and his relationship with the media.

"I’m not combating Leaving Neverland. I’m doing a documentary about the media’s relationship with my uncle and how they’ve reported certain things as factual that were lies," Taj Jackson told Billboard. "I’m going to go back all the way to 1993 with the first allegation and uncover that along with the 2005 allegations," he said. "It’s going to be about debunking what you heard and sharing what really happened. I want to get the truth out there."

The point of the documentary, he says, is to counter the allegations that have been made by the media and the public over the years. "I don’t want someone watching Leaving Neverland a hundred years from now and thinking it’s true," he said. "I’m doing this for my uncle because he deserves it. He needs someone to stick up for him like he stuck up for us."

Taj Jackson launched a GoFundMe page called "Untitled Michael Jackson Documentary Series" which is seeking to raise $777k. So far, he's raised $114,850.

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