Michael Jackson's Original Moonwalk Slippers Set At $10k Auction Price

35 years ago, Michael Jackson did the first ever "documented" moonwalk at Motown’s 25th Anniversary TV Special in 1983. The infamous maneuvre was performed during "Billie Jean," and became a staple his ever since. GWS Auctions informed CNN that Michael's loafers he wore during the Special are now being auctioned to the highest bidder.

Brigitte Kruse, the owner GWS Auctions said, "Anything related to Michael Jackson is extraordinary, and to have something so incredibly historical as these shoes worn by Michael when he first did that now famous moonwalk is beyond special." But is Kruse speaking out the interest historical documentation, probably not. If I were a matter preserving history, the loafers would be better kept out arm's reach from private collectors.

Michael's shoes were procured along with a letter authentication. The shoe has a limited edition "Motown 25" inscription as well as Michael's very own signature on the soles in blue marker. You can view the full catalog description at GWS's website, where you can also your bid online after passing a credit check. Those with buying power and the right intentions step right ahead. It isn't ten that memorabilia like Michael's "Moonwalk" slippers, become available on a publicly traded auction.

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