Michael Myers Haunts His Prey In Eerie New "Halloween" Trailer

With October just around the corner, horror movie fans are getting ready for the release of the "Halloween" sequel. The upcoming film is the eleventh installment in the series but it doesn't follow previous sequels. Instead, it serves as a direct sequel to the 1978 original. We've previously received a trailer for the movie in June but with the film ready to premier at TIFF this weekend, Blumhouse Productions serves up another horrifying trailer for "Halloween."

Blumhouse Production has shared a second trailer for "Halloween" which gives fans better insight as to what to expect from the movie. The trailer opens with Michael Myers roaming the streets on Halloween night, forty years after killing three people, while many believe he's just another trick-or-treater. However, the new trailer puts more of a focus on Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode who's been waiting for 40 years to confront Myers.

"I have prayed every night that he would escape," Strode says. “So I can kill him."

The remainder of the trailer shows Strode's battle to kill Michael Myers throughout the film.

While most sequels to films are typically flops, the direct sequel to the 1978 classic seems like it'll live up to the hype. As Jamie Lee Curtis returns for her role as Laurie Strode in the sequel, Nick Castle also returns to take on the role as Michael Myers.

Peep the trailer below.

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