Michael White Unleashes Powerhouse 'Diamonds' EP

Michael White has unleashed a heavy-hitting EP — and “heavy-hitting” is just putting it lightly.

Rising out Spain, this producer knows no limits, but thrives somewhere between electro house and dubstep. The massive synths and infectious basslines at work within his productions are sure to hook you from the get go, as he introduces four brand new, wildly energetic tracks.

The Diamonds EP comes out the gate swinging with “Diamonds In My Mouth,” which embraces 3:38 minutes pure insanity. The track has everything you’d hope to hear in a dubstep track, riddled with deep booming lyrics, theatrical builds, and devastating bass.

“Make the Hit” with Garabatto doesn’t let up one bit. Balancing the dirtiest elements with striking melodies. He truly adds something extra to the production at hand, transforming what could easily be an average dubstep track into something unexpected and addictive.

Moving right along, “Moves” rocks a steady house beat with show-stopping sound design that hits with the high and the low. This track holds its own against the other bass heavy tracks, serving as a true powerhouse on the EP.

White’s collaboration with Gasser, “Pleasure,” makes for the most light-hearted track on the release, but don’t underestimate it’s ability to completely destroy whatever speakers it so chooses to take over.

Michael White’s Diamonds is out now !

Michael White – Diamonds

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