Midnight Tyrannosaurus Debut EP "Mutation" Is Here

Midnight Tyrannosaurus is finally here with his debut EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER's label, Gud Vibrations. Midnight T is known for his heavy bass and he shows us just how much he's got in “Mutation”. Having collaborated with well-known DJs such as Subtronics and always putting on the craziest sets at festivals, this EP was highly anticipated and it's living up to the hype.

“Mutation” EP as a whole is about as bass heavy as you could get. The first track, “Mutation”, captures the classic Midnight Tyrannosaurus sound. Starting out with an eery intro, full of growls and a build up as great as the drop, Mutation is a killer track.

Midnight T brings out the drums in “Banana Planet”. The song is introduced with some beautiful drum work with segways into his signature heavy drop. As if the bass wasn't already heavy enough, Banana Planet features a heavy bass undertone that carries throughout the whole track.

“Styx” is different from anything I've ever heard from the DJ. It features deeper dubstep sounds that aren't as crazy as we're used to – but definitely feature the heavy bass we know and love from Midnight T.

Midnight T definitely has a distinct sound in his music but knows how to play with it in order to keep things interesting. With a recognizable sound, he's gone above and beyond most other rising DJs.

Listen to “Mutation” here:

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