Mike Dean Promises That Nas' "Nasir" Will Arrive Shortly

Though Pusha T's Daytona arrived precisely when advertised, neither Kanye West's Ye, Kids See Ghosts' self titled, or Nas' Nasir were afforded the same luxury. Though the album listening session went down last night in Queens, come this morning, the album was nowhere to be found. Though fans have no doubt come to expect the delay, it remained slightly frustrating for those fiending for some new Nas music. Luckily, it would appear that the project will be arriving shortly; like Kids See Ghosts last week, it simply seems to be undergoing some last minute tweaks. 

Now, G.O.O.D music's engineer slash producer slash overall affiliate Mike Dean has taken to Instagram to share an update on the project, suggesting that some the changes fall under his jurisdiction. Informing curious audiences that the album is indeed "coming soon," Dean sweetened the deal by sharing a taste the upcoming project. Banging a vocally-charged Slick Rick sampled instrumental, Dean keeps his desk knocking with the sound Nas dropping knowledge. 

"Ya'll are blowing my high," raps Nas. "Type shit that's killing my vibe. White kids are brought in alive, black kids are filled with like five." It's entirely possible that this song may be the reported "Police," given the politically charged subject matter. Either way, it sounds dope, and we're patiently waiting.

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