Mike Posner Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Avicii At Coachella 2018

With thousands artists, celebrities and fans mourning the death Avicii, Mike Posner shares his heartfelt tribute to the late DJ during his Coachella 2018 set.

Just weeks ago, the person responsible for giving Mike Posner the pill at an Avicii show in Ibiza revealed himself on Twitter. With Mike Posner in disbelief, Avicii later found the news and retweeted it to all his followers as well.

During his Coachella 2018 live set, Mike Posner decided to share an acoustic version his “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” with one the most heartfelt tributes to Avicii. Watch the video below.

Mike Posner's Tribute To Avicii

Photo Credit: Rukes

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