Mike Skinner links up with Flohio to release new single ‘How Long’s It Been?’

The Streets is back.

Mike Skinner has linked up with rising South London MC Flohio on 'How Long's It Been', a collaboration recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

Mike Skinner said of Flohio that her “energy is insane” and that “she adds colour to serious trap energy” making the song “unpredictable”.

The release marks the first single by The Streets since ‘Call Me In The Morning’ in November 2018 (cheekily reflected by the ironic title and chorus ‘How Long’s It Been’).

It also precedes the highly anticipated The Streets mixtape to be released later this year and a movie soundtrack to be released potentially in 2020. The mixtape album will be the first album released by The Streets since 2011’s ‘Computer and Blues’.

The track is part of Hennessy’s Masters Of Potential project which aims to generate unique recordings the spontaneous scenario of recording a song in one take.

This collaboration between the two artists is set to feature in The Streets mixtape to be released later in the year.

Check the single here and watch the music video below.

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