Miley Cyrus Fighting To Have Judge Seal Videotape Of Her Lying Under Oath

Miley Cyrus is fighting to have a videotape of her deposition sealed by a judge. According to The Blast, Cyrus is caught up in a legal battle regarding her sister's dog Feather. Cyrus' sister Brandi lived in an apartment complex that was paid for by her older sister. In 2014, Feather bit Yolande Ngom, who was one of her neighbors. Because Miley paid for the apartment, she was forced to sit through a deposition where she answered questions pertaining to the pup. She claimed that she did not know the dog. 

Ngom did some digging and found a video of Miley and Feather together from years back. She brought the evidence to court, and used it to prove that Miley's testimony was a lie. Once Miley learned of the video's existence, she went to court to file an amended declaration claiming that she did know Feather after all. Now, Miley is asking that the judge seal the videotape of the deposition. Her argument is that she is one of the most famous celebrities in the world, and is “the subject of media and tabloid speculating concerning even irrelevant minutiae details of her life.” Ngom wants the video to be released to the public. A judge has yet to rule in the case. 

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