Millenial Satisfaction With Snapchat Hits Record Low, According To Survey

Kylie Jenner isn't the only millenial who's not as excited about Snapchat as she once was. According to a YouGov survey, the app's recent redesign has disappointed the generational group across the board. While users aged 18 to 34 gave the bran a satisfaction score 27 in January, that dropped to 12 in mid-April. Only 25% the sample Snapchat users said they had discussed the app in the last two weeks. The percentage was at 35% in January 2016.

Millenials are very much the key market for the brand. The survey also concluded that 26% US citizens aged 18 to 34 use Snapchat at least one time per day. When looking at those above 35, that stat drops, rather unsurpisingly, to 3%.

Kylie Jenner, one the most followed celebrities on the platform, expressed her disapproval with the app's update earlier this year. It has been reported that Snapchat is beginning to role out another take on the new layout in the near future. 

Snapchat recently found itself mired by a controversy when an ad that poked fun Rihanna's domestic abuse at the hands Chris Brown appeared for some users. Rihanna spoke out the ad on Instagram.

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