Moneybagg Yo Delivers Bars To An Impressed Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex is a tough critic. Should you draw his ire, which occurs when one strays from the path of "bars," he'll be sure to let you know it. Yet that doesn't stop some of the game's dopest lyricists from taking their shot behind the mic. A few days ago, Moneybagg Yo stepped up for another round, following a previous appearance in June 29th - an appearance that has since garnered nearly five million views on YouTube. Now, the second round finds Yo in sharper form than ever, a fact that does not escape the notoriously hard-to-please host.

Moneybagg Yo Delivers Bars To An Impressed Funkmaster Flex

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

"I'm at the Waldorf getting high, they tried to tell me smoke outside," raps Moneybagg Yo, bounding endlessly in a full-scale workout. "I hit the blunt and told em' I tried, whatchu want a tip or something?" The delivery is enough to elicit awestruck laughter from a giddy Funk Flex, who finds himself more than sated with the bars he so covets. The session is enough to earn Moneybagg Yo a welcome-back-pass for life, an invitation he appears more than willing to accept upon his next visit to the Big Apple.

Between this and his recent 43va Heartless project, do you feel like Moneybagg Yo's lyrical prowess is on the way to widespread recognition? Insofar as the hierarchy of bars, as divided in scales from S-E, where do you feel the Memphis rapper stands?

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