Moniece Slaughter Claims Her B2K Ex Fizz Is Dating Omarion’s Ex Apryl Jones

The fellas of B2K may have a messy situation on their hands. The guy group recently wrapped their Millenium reunion tour where they performed in sold-out arenas all around the U.S. After years of personal problems and a few beefs, fans were happy to see that they were able to put their issues behind them and move forward for the good of the music.

However, Fizz's ex and mother of his son, Moniece Slaughter, has been making claims that Fizz and Apryl Jones are in a relationship. Apryl just happens to be the mother of Omarion's two children and the former couple were even featured together on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Just a few hours ago, Hollywood Unlocked shared a video and a string of images that show Fizz and Apryl getting closer than close, including a few photos where they were laying in bed together.

There have been denials that any romance is taking place and that the pair are just good friends, but Moniece isn't buying it. After the photos surfaced, she took her Instagram Story to give her congratulatory remarks to the pair. "Congratulations are in order for Apryl Jones and teeny fizzle pop on the announcement of their relationship-slash-f*ckship," she said in a video. "Congrats on moving into the new house together. Congrats on potentially getting married and having kids and I could not wish for a better stepmother for my son. Just be a little more respectful and mind your f*cking business. And we can be the biggest, bestest, blended family ever."

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