Monstercat Announces Huge Change for the New Year

As the indie electronic label Monstercat enters its sixth year on the scene, the “EDM” genre has changed a lot over the years. With these changes, though, Monstercat has always kept up with the times. In doing so, the family has grown immensely and the Canadian label has established a spectrum artists.

Nonetheless, like any artist lineup, there can be distinct differences between one respective producer's sound and another producer's. Monstercat has recognized this, so to start 2018, the label had a huge announcement — diversification under two new brands: “Uncaged” and “Instinct.”

Uncaged will be home to the heavy-hitting artists such as Gent & Jawns and Darren Styles. Meanwhile Instinct will be for the pop-infused faction music and feature new artists such as Didrick and Owl City (yes, Owl City!). Together, the two entities will act as a symbiotic ecosystem under the Monstercat label.

It's exciting stuff, and 2018 certainly looks bright for the whole Monstercat family, so check out the teaser trailers below!

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