Music helped improve individual’s well-being during pandemic, study finds

With COVID-19 impacting society on a global scale, it comes to no surprise that listening to music would help in the improvement of an individuals’ well-being. According to a latest study by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), people would spend more time listening to music whilst in lockdown, as opposed to the figures prior to the pandemic.

Presenting their Engaging With Music 2021 report, the IFPI have ensured that an in-depth look at the listening habits of music fans from every corner of the world has been taken into account, with an increase in the hours spent listening to music becoming evident. When compared with the results from 2019, music fans would spend an average of 18 hours every week listening to music, whilst in 2020 and amid the pandemic, that figure rose to 18.4 hours every week.

Counting around 8,000 global members among its ranks, the IFPI conducted this latest survey through the views of 43,000 music fans originating from 21 different countries, and in turn account for 91% of global recorded music market revenues in 2020. Results also went on to further showcase the immense impact that music can have on the population, with 87% of people listening to music in order to lift their moods up whilst in lockdown, and 68% of 16-19 year-olds confessing that releases from their favourite artists helped sooth the impact that the pandemic had had on their lives.

In further detail and when analysing the findings of the survey, the IFPI Chief Executive Frances Moore had the following to say;

“The research finds that not only are fans listening to more music, but that they are also seizing opportunities to engage with new, dynamic, and immersive music experiences. Fuelled by record labels’ investment, the incredible abundance and growth of music licensed to streaming services is driving this engagement. In addition, music has provided fans with comfort and healing through these challenging times.”

With music once more proving it’s influential status, such survey’s further showcase the beneficial aspects surrounding music, as well as the impact that it can have on a global scale amid a pandemic. In further detail, the Engaging With Music 2021 report by the IFPI can be accessed here.

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