"My Hero Academia: Two Heroes" Movie Trailer Debuts & Introduces New Characters

As interest in anime culture continues to rise in the US, My Hero Academia looks to capitalize f it's growing success. The hit anime and manga is based on Izuku Midoriya, a young boy born without superpowers in a place where having powers is the standard. He still dreams becoming a superhero though, and his adventures to become one are the highlight the series. A My Hero Academia is set to launch a new movie this year, and the first trailer for the film has hit the internet. 

Entitled My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the new film will follow another powerless character named Melissa. The full synopsis  the film ( Comicbook) is as follows:

“After the end the climactic Final Exams, the U.A. Class members head f to their school field trip for Summer break. However, before they head f to the school field trip, All Might and Deku accept an invitation from someone to go abroad to a floating and mobile manmade city, called “I Island.” All researchers in the world, from both East and West, are gathered in this place, known as the Hollywood Science, where they research quirks as well as hero supplemental items at the special “I Expo” convention that is currently being held on the island. This is where Deku meets the quirkless girl, Melissa. Melissa also is like him, quirkless. Deku is able to connect with Melissa by recalling when he too was quirkless. During that time, suddenly, despite an iron wall security surrounding the island, the system is breached by a villain who hacked into it! The people living on the island are all taken hostage! Now, the Hero Association needs to act quickly to deploy their unshakeable “Plan” or else―! The only person who can grasp that key, is none other than the Number One Hero, All Might!”

Check out My Hero Academia: Two Heroes when it hits theaters on August 3.

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