Nas Salutes Nav With Surprising "Bad Habits" Co-Sign

With one of the biggest releases of the day, Nav has effectively returned from his musical hiatus. The Toronto rapper joined Lil Uzi Vert in his early retirement, deciding last week that the game needed him to come back. He eased himself back in, dipping his toes into the ocean with the Brown Boy EP. Along with the limited collection of songs, Nav also announced that he would be making an official return to the game the following week, revealing his latest album Bad Habits to the world. There were a few obstacles to avoid on the way to today, namely an uncleared Lil Uzi Vert feature, but Nav officially made it to March 22 and dropped one of the most popular projects of the week. It's been getting praise from all corners with one surprising name on the artist's growing list of co-signs: Nas.

Obviously, the similarity in their names makes this situation even funnier. However, it's even more baffling to consider Nas being a fan of Nav, the XO rapper who speaks almost exclusively about his VVS diamonds and sexual conquests. Their styles are worlds apart but somehow and someway, Nas became a fan of the young Canadian, extending his co-sign on Instagram.

"@nav back at it again! Salute bro!" wrote the hip-hop legend next to a photo of Nav's album cover. His retirement only lasted a couple of months but it is nice to see the kid striving again. Obviously, it's a bittersweet moment for OGs like Nas too. Do you think we'll ever hear the unlikely duo of Nav and Nas on a track together?

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