Nav Pokes Fun At His "Yosemite" Verse With Self-Deprecating "Arthur" Meme

While Travis Scott's "Yosemite" has been hailed by many as a standout, citing comparisons to Gunna's "Sold Out Dates," the Nav feature has been the subject of seemingly endless ridicule. As is so often the case, memes quickly surfaced poking fun at Nav's brief, yet extremely muffled verse. Many pondered how such a big-budget release made such an obvious gaffe; was it a creative choice, or was Nas adamant about using his own vocal tracks? We don't have the answers, and evidently, neither does Nav. 

The rapper took to Instagram to join in on the action, revealing a rare self-deprecating voice in hip-hop. Posting meme favorite Arthur, the lovable  aardvark, Nav took a shot at the mixing fiasco. "Do my vocals sound okay," asks Nav, in the meme. The engineer, as depicted by Arthur, responds with an assuring "Yeah I gotchu bro don't worry I'm listening closely." Only problem is, Arthur's earphones are nowhere near his ears. Get it? Do you get it though?

Peep Nav's thoughts on the Astroworld blight below. Were I the engineer in question, I'd perhaps contemplate clapping back with another Arthur-related meme, perhaps opting for The Brain or notorious sister D.W.

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