NBA Youngboy’s Girlfriend Supports Her Man Through Detention Order: "I Got U"

In the past few days, we've come to learn a whole lot more concerning the Miami shooting that ended in the untimely death of an innocent person standing in the vicinity of NBA Younboy and his girlfriend. Just yesterday, a report published by the Miami Herald seemed to infer that Fredo Bang was in some way involved in the blindside attack.

NBA Youngboy's Girlfriend Supports Her Man Through Detention Order: "I Got U"

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Although Youngboy and his associates have been acquitted of any foul play, investigators in Miami are conferred with state officials in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to reach a decision that doesn't exactly bode well for the 19-year old or his closest of kin.

According to The Advocate, the same District Judge Bonnie Jackson who filed for NBA's probation in 2017, is demanding that he remain "detained" until further notice. The "order of detention" has been placed so that authorities can ascertain whether NBA violated a stipulation of the probationary agreement he signed in 2017. "Kay" has since taken to Instagram with a rousing message of unconditional support for her teenage love. In so few words, Kay is letting her boyfriend know she doesn't hold him responsible for the attack, and in some respects, appreciates the valiant showing he put forward in the heat of the moment.

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